Customized Tutoring Services for Schools

The Teacher Tutors offer subject-specific tutoring, intervention tutoring, gifted & talented tutoring, and academic/executive-function coaching to schools looking to better serve their student population.

Why Schools across the country are choosing The Teacher Tutors

  • Expertise in Instruction
  • Love of Learning
  • Well-Being Support 
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Documentation of Progress 

Our partners can attest that choosing The Teacher Tutors means a choice for value and substance. Our certified teacher tutor model guarantees and delivers expertise and results. Partnership with TTT affords expert, highly qualified, certified teachers, who deliver high-impact tutoring through evidence-based, data-driven instruction. 

We’ve partnered with schools and school districts across the country. Our teacher tutors consistently delivered impeccable service through:

  • Implementing diagnostic assessment data to ensure students are getting supplemental support that is relevant and impactful.
  • Collecting data from students early on as a way of understanding where students are to take them where they need to go.
  • Using data points to inform and adjust their support and instruction tailored to each student.

Schools partnering with The Teacher Tutors receive

Expert, Highly Qualified, Certified Teachers

Teachers make the best tutors because they know the curriculum, and more importantly, they know students. They are experts at what we do.

Evidence-Based, Data-Driven Instruction

Our teacher-tutors understand data and stay up to date on the latest research to deliver effectiveness, every time. 

High-Impact 1:1, Small Group Tutoring

Teachers aren’t known to waste time. Our teachers jump right in with diagnostic assessments, personality tests, and parent-teacher observations to deliver tutoring support that is unique and focused. 

student receiving academic coaching

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